Decorative painting author Debby Forshey Choma has designed 9 books and over 100 pattern packets. Visit her new products link to see the new releases of different pattern packets. Debby, in coordination with Royal-Langnickel Brushes, has designed the Texture Brush, which is great for achieving texturing effects and is also now available in three different sizes. She has also come up with several unique surfaces that her designs are painted on. Now, for your convenience, all these aforementioned items are available to purchase online at this web site. 
Debby is also one of the Royal Ambassadors for Royal & Langnickel Brushes and a DecoArt Artist, both of which help support chapter seminars, so be sure to check out Debby's seminar schedule.
In addition to teaching in her home studio, Debby is a Royal-Langnickel Brushes Ambassador and a DecoArt Artist.  Debby has also been a member of the National Society of Decorative Painters for the last 20 years.
Debby is also widely known for her lighthouse and landscape designs.  These designs, and others, are available in the books and packets offered at this site.  Debby does offer classes nationally and locally on projects pictured on this site and also a variety of other designs.  If you would like more information, contact Debby through email.
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Debby Forshey Choma resides in Macomb, Michigan with her husband, Steve, and two daughters, Melissa and Amanda.  Debby started in the decorative art field in 1986 and progressed into teaching in 1988.  She enjoyed painting so much that in 1991, Debby's Touch was established.  Over the years, Debby began teaching nationally at conventions and seminars and has authored numerous pattern packets.  In 1995, Debby had her first book published by Prudy's Studio and has written several more since.  Also, Debby's designs have been published in PaintWorksQuick and EasyCreate & DecoratePainting, and Crafts 'n Things magazines.

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